Billiards is a popular highbrow gambling with a long history.

Guests of the hotel, we offer you to plunge into the unique atmosphere of the Billiards, enjoy gambling and spend time in the company of friends or simply relax in the Billiards room from the daily routine. Original furnishings, a bar area, professional quality tables and equipment are the hallmarks of a billiard hall. Next to each play area adjacent to a cozy sofa with a table that allows you to watch the game, chat, enjoy delicious snacks and drinks and watch sports matches.

Players 4 Billiards: a 12-foot, 2 tables/10-foot - Russian Billiards, and 9-foot American Pool.

The hotel "Berloga" is pleased to welcome the residents of the city of Surgut of Amateur and professional players of this gambling game.

For reservation of tables please call in advance by phone 8 (3462) 23-00-65 - receptionist.